Hussin Al-Surmi Group for Furniture                                 

The group was founded in 1968 as the first company in the field of furniture and furnishings.
 Where one of the oldest companies specialized high-end import and export of furniture and furnishings of the largest factories in the world outstanding quality woven textiles industry and luxury.
Providing more than 42, most luxurious furniture and furnishings diverse styles of traditional and modern interest in the smallest details, specifications and focus on quality and customer satisfaction, and as such classified as the first group of 100 companies in Yemen for five consecutive contracts.
And ensure that we provide our services and meet the needs and demands of our customers, the group worked on the opening of several branches and exhibitions included many of the governorates of the Republic and the Arab Gulf states.
 Main branches: 
  • Hussin alsurmi foundation - Sana'a
  • Legend  for furniture - Sana'a   :Which is the largest exhibition in Yemen and the Middle East for furniture and furnishings.
  • Emperor for furniture  



Every branche have many Departements , such as:  
 1- Carpets                                     2-Mouquit                      3-Furniture & Bedroom         4-Sofa & set arabi